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Category: Public Announcements

Golf Cart/Off-Highway Vehicle Registration Day – April 9, 2022

The Village of Tolono will hold it’s first Golf Cart Registration Day on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at Village Hall from 9:00AM-Noon, along with Clean-Up day.

To participate, please print and complete the top portion of the Golf Cart Permit/Off-Highway application, sign and date the bottom. Do not complete the “Inspection” part of the application. A Village employee will perform a brief inspection of the cart or vehicle and complete that part of the application. We will need a copy of your current insurance card for the cart or off-highway vehicle. We may also view the insurance information on your mobile device. The cost of the permit is $25.

A copy of the Golf Cart/Off-Highway Vehicle ordinance is attached below. If you have any questions please call Village Hall at 217-485-5212.

Golf Cart Ordinance

Golf Cart Permit Application

Brush Pick Up Rules & Regulations

Bruch pick up is in full force for the year. Please be aware of the Village of Tolono guidelines regarding brush pickup:

  • Brush pick up days are the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (weather permitting) March-November. We will not make special pick ups unless there is a storm causing additional yard wasted. Please plan accordingly for regular pick up days.
  • Grass is NOT acceptable (not even in landscape waste bags).
  • Landscape bags must have a sticker obtained from Village Hall or it will not be picked up.
  • Brush pick up is not for the cleanup or removal of entire trees.
  • Limbs must be less than 6″ in diameter and 8′ long.
  • Dirt and rocks are NOT acceptable (not even in landscape waste bags).
  • Landscape timbers, railroad ties, wood fencing and other lumber is NOT acceptable

The above guidelines are set by ordinance (2020-O-10). For more information, please see 53.30-53.99 of the Village of Tolono Code of Ordinances or call us at 217-485-5212.

2020-O-10 Yard Waste Disposal

Side-by-Sides & Golf Carts

The Village of Tolono wants to remind everyone that Side-By-Side off-highway devices must be registered with the Village before they can be driven on our streets as do all golf carts.

The fine for failure to secure a permit when operating a golf cart and/or recreational off-highway device on Village streets is $250.

Please read Golf Carts & Other Similar Devices

If you have any questions please call Village Hall at 217-485-5212.

Brush Pickup

Brush pickup resumes Monday, March 1, 2021. Please see the attached notice for acceptable and non-acceptable items. Paper bags of landscape waste must have stickers purchased from Village Hall. Stickers are $3 each.

Village Maintenance crew requests that landscape waste be put as close to the road as possible. The ground is very soft currently and they would like to avoid putting ruts in yards. If waste is too far off the side of the road, they may not be able to pick up.

Brush Pickup