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The Tolono Historical Society was created for the preservation of our Village’s history.

The museum is located at 101 E Holden St.

Officers Include:
President: Jane Berbaum
Vice-President: Susan Plackett
Secretary: Roberta Bleichner & Sandra Dowler
Treasurer: Jeff Turner

Here’s a little bit of history about the Tolono Fire Department:

135 Years for Tolono Volunteer Fire

2022 marks 135 years for the Tolono Volunteer Fire Department’s service to the community. In April 1887 when the Tolono Volunteer Fire was officially organized, the Village bought the Little Giant hand operated pumper for $450 plus three hundred feet of hose. Thirty-four members enrolled and each was assessed ten cents to buy record books. A lot on Main Street just off Bourne St to the east was purchased for $225 and construction began in December for a new firehouse. In February of 1888 a hose cart was purchased, followed by the large fire bell to use for alarms, as well as a siren and uniforms. Tolono water works were installed in 1895, so they no longer had to be dependent on property owner wells or the four wells dug by the Village.

In 1928 and old Chevy pickup truck was purchased and loaded with all the hoses to replace two hose carts. Many times it had to be towed to the fire scene. Equipment purchases and firehouse upgrades began to gain momentum in the late 40’s and 50’s after the original fire house was improved and an in-haler respirator was purchased. Improvements made came through contributions and volunteer labor. In 1949 a referendum was held and . . . . .

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