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Street Sweeping

Street sweeping will be conducted Friday, September 4, 2020, weather permitting for all streets that were recently oil and chipped this year. This is a one-day event and may begin as early as 7:00AM. A regular street sweeper will be used in the process causing a minimal disturbance. Please remove vehicles from the edge of streets, close windows and doors and plan alternate routes to avoid these areas.

Streets affected are as follows:

  • W Austin St from S Condit St to Dead End
  • S Galloway St from W Austin to W Strong St
  • S Whitehead St from W Austin to W Strong St
  • S Cory St from W Austin to W Linden St
  • W Strong St from S Cory St to N Pease St
  • Pamela Dr
  • Buel St
  • W Holden St from N Condit St to West to Dead End
  • Sharon St from N Condit St West to Dead End
  • W Reynolds St from N Whitehead to N Watson St
  • N Whitehead St from W Reynolds to W Vine St
  • W Vine St from N Whitehead St and around corner to N Cory St
  • N Watson St from W Reynolds to Parking Lot
  •  N Vorcey St from E Locust St around corner to Leda St
  • Leda St from N Vorcey St to N Bourne St
  • N Clifford St from Leda St around corner to N Bourne St
  • E Maple St from Circle Drive to Dead End
  • N East St from E Maple St to E Locust St