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Author: Summer Hasselbring

Recycling Notice:

If the recycle bins are full, do not continue to try to force your items in. All doors must be able to close. Do not put items on the ground or on top of the bins. That is considered illegal dumping, and you will be fined. If bins are full, please take your items back home with you and bring them back when the bins are not full.

One bin is switched out every day Monday through Friday.

Please remember to break down cardboard as much as possible.

The recycling area is under surveillance and video playbacks are watched when there is illegal dumping.

Please be respectful of the recycling opportunity that is provided. Continued illegal dumping will result in the Village ending the recycling program.


Golf Cart Usage In The Village Of Tolono


The Village of Tolono would like to remind you of Village regulations that apply when operating golf carts and ATV’s for the safety of you as the operator, as well as the general public. If you operate a golf cart or ATV in the Village of Tolono, please read the ordinance in it’s entirety by clicking the link. Below are some of the highlights to remember.

  • Crossing Route 45 is allowed ONLY at Holden Street.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart or ATV on the roadways.
  • Your golf cart or ATV must be registered at Village Hall (Permits are valid January 1-December 31 of the current year. If your sticker does not say 2019, your permit is expired.)
  • You must carry insurance on the golf cart or ATV.
  • You must obey all traffic laws of the State of Illinois while operating the golf cart or ATV.

Operators of a golf cart or ATV without a current permit can be fined $250. Any other violations of the ordinance is subject to a $100 fine for each violation.

A copy of the most recent ordinance regarding golf carts can be found here: