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Re: Sale of Cannabis in the Village of Tolono

A post from Mayor Murphy regarding the Sale of Cannabis in the Village of Tolono:

The Village of Tolono placed an advisory question on the November 3, 2020 ballot to gauge the opinion of Village residents, whether they would approve or disapprove of the sale of cannabis in the Village.

We have had a couple local business owners approach the Village Board to ask about opening a dispensary. The Village Board has discussed this subject over the course of several meetings (meeting agenda item “Discussion of Cannabis Sales in the Village” on 8/20/19, 9/3/19, 9/17/19, 10/1/19 and 10/15/19). On 2/25/20, the Board held a Special Meeting to discuss the sale of cannabis in the Village of Tolono and asked the public to join. Because the Board did not receive the input from the public we were looking for, the Board decided to put it to a vote so the public could weigh in on this large decision.

On 3/3/20 we added an agenda item to the regular meeting that read “Discussion/Approval of Ordinance 2020-O-5, an Ordinance Imposing a Tax on Cannabis.” The Board passed the ordinance so if cannabis sales passes, we would have a 3% sales tax in place.

On 8/6/20 the Board held a special meeting for the approval of resolution 2020-R-2: A Resolution Providing For The Submission To The Electors Of The Village Of Tolono Of Champaign County, A Certain Advisory Referendum Of Whether Recreational Cannabis Sales Should Be Permitted Within The Village of Tolono.

From the Champaign County Clerks site, this is how the question will look on the ballot:

Village of Tolono – Advisory Referendum on Recreational Cannabis Sales

(Instructions to voters: Fill in the oval opposite the word “yes” or “no” to indicate your choice.)

Question: Shall the Village of Tolono allow a recreational cannabis dispensary within the Village Limits?

Explanation: If residents would like to allow a dispensary within the Village of Tolono, vote yes. If residents do not want a dispensary within the Village of Tolono, vote no.

There is good and bad in every decision. Keep in mind that when making this decision there are many issues to think about. If the resolution passes, I am planning to add extra rules as to what is required with the Village’s license in addition to what the State of Illinois requires. Security is a huge issue, and I’m looking into a public safety fee to offset possible calls for service and extra patrol.

We encourage everyone in the Village of Tolono to vote and make their voice heard. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at

COVID-19 Guidelines for Businesses & Public

Due to citizen complaints made to the health department about local businesses because of their lack of enforcing the use of face masks and proper social distancing practices, investigators from the health department have been required to visit businesses to review the enforcement of these policies.

One of our Village businesses was found to be non-compliant and issued a formal warning. The Village wants to remind all businesses of the below rules and regulations put forth by the Department of Public Health and to ask that customers be patient and follow proper guidelines when visiting any Village business. Businesses have the right to refuse service to customers that do not comply.

Pursuant to the Department of Public Health Act, 20 LCS 2305, the Department of Public Health Power and Duties Law, 20 LCS 2310, and the Communicable Disease Code, 77 Ill. Admin. Code 690, the Department of Public Health adopted emergency regulations, 77 Ill. Admin Code 690.50, on August 7, 2020, to restrict and suppress COVID-19 as follows:

  • Any business, service, facility or organization open to the public or employees shall require employees, customers, and other individuals on the premises who are over age two and able to medically tolerate a face covering to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering when on premises and unable to maintain at least a six-foot social distance. Businesses, services, facilities or organizations that offer food or beverages for in-person consumption may permit employees, customers, and other individuals to remove their face coverings while eating or drinking but must require face coverings at all other times. Businesses, services, facilities, or organizations that take reasonable efforts to require patrons and employees to wear a face covering shall be in compliance with this subsection. For retail businesses, reasonable efforts to comply with regard to customers shall be determined based on the totality of the circumstances and include, but are not limited to:
  1. Posting signage requiring face coverings to be worn on the premises.
  2. Providing face coverings to customers.
  3. Giving verbal warnings to customers to wear a face covering when on the premises.
  4. Requesting that customers leave the premises if not wearing a face covering.

2021 Consolidated Election Information


Beginning September 22, 2020, you may begin circulating petitions for Village Board seats open in the April 6, 2021, Consolidated Election. The seats that will be open for election are the Village President and 4 Trustees. You may pick up information at the Village Hall, located at 507 W. Strong St., Tolono, IL 61880, beginning September 22, 2020, at 8:00AM.

The filing period will be December 14-21, 2020.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping will be conducted Friday, September 4, 2020, weather permitting for all streets that were recently oil and chipped this year. This is a one-day event and may begin as early as 7:00AM. A regular street sweeper will be used in the process causing a minimal disturbance. Please remove vehicles from the edge of streets, close windows and doors and plan alternate routes to avoid these areas.

Streets affected are as follows:

  • W Austin St from S Condit St to Dead End
  • S Galloway St from W Austin to W Strong St
  • S Whitehead St from W Austin to W Strong St
  • S Cory St from W Austin to W Linden St
  • W Strong St from S Cory St to N Pease St
  • Pamela Dr
  • Buel St
  • W Holden St from N Condit St to West to Dead End
  • Sharon St from N Condit St West to Dead End
  • W Reynolds St from N Whitehead to N Watson St
  • N Whitehead St from W Reynolds to W Vine St
  • W Vine St from N Whitehead St and around corner to N Cory St
  • N Watson St from W Reynolds to Parking Lot
  •  N Vorcey St from E Locust St around corner to Leda St
  • Leda St from N Vorcey St to N Bourne St
  • N Clifford St from Leda St around corner to N Bourne St
  • E Maple St from Circle Drive to Dead End
  • N East St from E Maple St to E Locust St

Congressman Rodney Davis Tests Positive for COVID-19

Congressman Davis held Open Office Hours, Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at the Tolono Police Station. This is the same office the Village of Tolono conducts their Board Meetings. Please take the necessary precautions if you came in direct contact with the Congressman or attended the Board Meeting held the evening of August 4. The Congressman’s response to testing positive for the virus is below.

Congressman Rodney Davis – This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19. Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have taken my temperature twice daily because serving in Congress means I interact with many people, and it’s my duty to protect the health of those I serve. This morning, my temperature clocked in at 99 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than normal for me.

Because of the high temperature, my wife and I received a test this morning. While my test came back positive, my wife’s test came back negative. My staff who I’ve worked with in-person this week have received negative tests as well. Other than a higher-than-normal temperature, I am showing no symptoms at this time and feel fine.

Having consulted with the Office of the Attending Physician (OAP) of Congress and local county health officials, our office is contacting constituents I have met with in-person within the previous 48 hours, per CDC guidelines.

My staff and I take COVID-19 very seriously. My wife is a nurse and a cancer survivor, which puts her in an at-risk category like so many Americans. My office and I have always followed and will continue to follow CDC guidelines, use social distancing, and wear masks or face coverings when social distancing cannot be maintained.

I will postpone public events our office has planned for the coming days until I receive a negative test. I will continue to serve my constituents virtually from home while I quarantine. Our district offices throughout central and southwestern Illinois remain open for constituents as well.
During these challenging times, protecting the public health is my highest priority. If you’re out in public, use social distancing, and when you can’t social distance, please wear a mask. All of us must do our part. That’s what it will take to get through this pandemic.