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11 Vehicles and Traffic

Number Title
2009-05 Golf Carts
2016-05 Golf Carts (updated May 3 2016)
2008-dd Prohibition of Garbage Trucks in Alleyways
2006-02 Prohibiting Parking on W. Walnut between 45 & James
2001-04 Oversized Vehicles
1995-02 Parking on Route 45
1991-07 Speed Limit on Woodworth Drive
1985-05 Traffic Control Regulations
1982-01 Snow Routes
1979-10.28C Bicycles
1979-10.24C Abandoned Vehicles
1979-10.20C Mufflers
1979-10.16C School Flasher Signals
1979-10.12C Traffic Control Regulations
1979-10.08C Arterial Highways
1979-10.04C Speed Limits
2006-xx Blocking Public Sidewalks
2011-03 Parking at Main Street Parking Lot
2010-05 Parking Across Sidewalks
2007-01 Parking: James, Windstone, and Walnut
2006-yy Loading Zone in Village Alley between Walnut and Vine
2013-07 Stop Signs: Leda and Bourne
2013-06 Stop Signs: Whitehead and Linden
2013-05 Stop Signs: Leda and Bourne
2008-02 Stop Signs: Broadway and Calhoon
2007-zz Stop Signs: Deerpath and Windstone
2007-aa Stop Signs: Kinderwood III
2006-01 Stop Signs: Walnut & Conduit
2005-yy Stop Signs: Within Deerpath, Windstone, and Kinderwood
2003-10 Stop Signs: Walnut and James
2003-02 Stop Signs: Benham and Fourth
2002-10 Stop Signs: Fourth and Larmon, Second and Broadway
1998-07 Stop Signs: Boone, Larmon, Mashall, Jackson and Broadway Intersecting Fourth and Cory
1997-12 Stop Signs: Whitehead and Strong, Galloway and Strong, Cory and Strong, Benham and Third
1997-02 Stop Signs: Larmon and Fourth, Marshall and Fourth
1996-08 Stop Signs: Main and Elizabeth, Boadway and Elizabeth, Locust and Central
1995-03 Stop Signs: Reynolds and Whitehead, Fourth and Benham
1989-05 Stop Signs: Condit and Holden
1988-01 Stop Signs: Various streets
1986-01 Stop Signs: Holden and Condit