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02 Administration and Personnel

Number Title Comment
2014-07 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Teamsters Local 26 (Police)
2014-06 Ratifying Contract with Village Employee
2014-04 Intergovernmental Agreement with Tolono Fire Protection District
2014-03 Authorizing Execution of the Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network Agreement (IPWMAN)
2014-13 Village Employee Policy Manual
2013-10 Intergovernmental Agreement with the Tolono Public Library District
2012-08 Intergovernmental Agreement with the Tolono Park District
2012-04 Part-Time Police Officer
2012-05 Guidelines for Electronic Mail, Technology, and Personal Communication Devices
2012-04 Ordinance for Part-Time Police Officer
2011-02 Police Collective Bargaining Agreement
2010-yy Appointment of Deputy Clerk
2010-xxR Resolution Authorizing Payment of Re-Occurring Expenses
2010-09 Creation of the Tolono Fun Day Committee
2010-04 Tolono Fire Dept Intergovernmental Agreement
2009-xx Prohibit Dumping at Recyling Center
2009-01R Resolution for Champaign County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan
2008-bb Executive Session Meeting Records
2008-02R Ratifying Resolution 2008-01
2008-01R Support & Commitment of Local Funds
2006-07 Part-Time Police Officers
2006-03 Inter-Governmental Agreements with Champaign Co. Animal Control
2004-xx Permit Fees
2004-04 Ethics Act
2003-01R Acceptance of Bid for Roadwork
2003-01 Meeting Schedule
2001-10R Mutual Aid Agreement
2000-06 Salaries
1999-12R Investment Policy
1999-08R Freedom of Information
1999-05 Gift Ban
1999-08R Commitment of Funds
1999-04R Relocation Assistance Plan
1998-05R Settlement of Rail Connection Dispute
1997-03R Official Plan & Map
1996-13 Illinois Municpal Retirement Fund (IMRF)
1996-04 Relocation Assistance Plan
1996-03 Community Development Assistance Program
1994-07 Quit Claim Deed
1994-01 Administration: Salaries
1993-04 Transfer of Funds
1985-01 Salaries
1982-05 IMLRMA
1979-02.28C Civil Emergencies
1979-02.24C Plan Commission