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Christmas tree pickup and recycling bins

Christmas tree pickup will be conducted as time and weather allows. At this time, our public works employees are preparing for the anticipated snowfall later this afternoon so please be patient as we prioritize tasks and try to keep the roads clear. If residents would prefer, they are more than welcome to bring Christmas trees to 507 W Strong and place them on the ground near the “village of Tolono” sign (next to the road).

The community recycling bins are generally full this time of year but we do have one container exchanged every weekday. Please remember to break down cardboard as much as possible so that the bins do not fill up as quickly. Unfortunately, we do not know what time of day the bins will be exchanged. If the bins are full, please do not place items on the ground around the bins as it increases cost to the taxpayers.

We hope that everyone is having a great holiday season and wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

Fall 2017 Leaf Collection

Leaf pickup will begin October 10th and is scheduled for every Monday and Tuesday through the end of December. Collection of leaves will be weather dependent. The leaf vacuum has difficulty handling wet or frozen leaves. In the event that weather prevents a scheduled leaf pickup from taking place, leaves will be picked as soon as weather permits.

Please rake the leaves to the edge of the roadway and ensure that leaf piles are free of sticks, limbs, rocks and dirt. These items can damage the equipment and delay leaves from being collected. Please also ensure that leaf piles are easily accessible from the roadway and away from vehicles, power poles, mail boxes and other obstructions.

As a reminder, the burning of leaves inside of Village limits is prohibited by ordinance but we encourage community members to consider mulching some of their leaves. This will help return nutrients to lawns, keep our air clear of smoke as well as saving time and effort from raking leaves. Please feel free to call the Village office if you have any questions or concerns. (217) 485-5212