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Tolono Road Work Scheduled for September 18-19

Road work is scheduled for Sept 18-19 on the south east part of town. Previously, Village staff prepared road surfaces by grinding down areas and filling in low spots. On the 18th and 19th, roads will be oil and chipped. We ask that area residents please refrain from parking on the shoulder of the roads during these days. Parking on the shoulder will slow progress of the work and may ultimately impact the quality of the resurfacing.

Click link for map: Tolono 2017 MFT

Village clean up day Saturday Sept 23rd

The village clean up day will be held on Saturday Sept 23rd beginning at 9:00 AM in the village hall parking lot located at 507 W Strong St. Open to all Village of Tolono Residents.

The village will provide roll off dumpsters for the community to use. Staff will be onsite on Saturday to assist in placing waste materials into the dumpsters. Once the dumpsters are full, the event will end so please plan accordingly. Also please bring a valid State ID in order to verify Tolono Residency. Below is a list of Items that will not be accepted during the Tolono clean up day event. If you have any questions concerning specific items, please feel free to call (217-485-5212) or stop by the village office.

If the dumpsters are full, please do not place items on the ground next to the dumpsters. This will be considered illegal dumping and is subject to a $500 fine.

  • Barrels – unless rinsed and/or empty with both ends cut off
  • Cars, Trucks, Mobile Homes, Buses (no vehicles)
  • Corrosive Waste
  • Electronic Goods
  • Empty tanks – gas, oil, fuel, unless rinsed and/or empty and cut in half to be accepted
  • Flammable Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Fluorescent light tubes
  • Liquids
  • Medical Waste
  • Paint
  • Paint cans – must be empty to be accepted
  • Radioactive waste
  • Railroad ties
  • Reactive Waste
  • Septic Waste
  • Sewage treatment plants solids
  • Tires
  • Used Oils – motor, hydraulic, mineral, cutting, etc.
  • White Goods – refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc
  • Yard Waste, grass clippings, limbs or leaves, fire wood or logs

Dumping at Village Recycling Bins

The Village of Tolono would like to remind members of the community that dumping any materials on the ground around the recycling bins is not permitted regardless of the reason for doing so. Items left on the ground or prohibited items placed in the bins causes additional cost to the village. If this continues, we may be required to reduce service or even terminate the program. Please help us keep this popular program by following the posted rules.

The village would like to communicate with the gentleman in the picture above concerning his dumping. If you have any information that may aid in initiating dialog with this gentleman, please call the village office at: 485-5212