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Press Release March 7, 2018


Village of Tolono, Illinois

March 7, 2018

On March 5, 2018 an event took place in the Village involving a tragic dog fight.The event has been reported in the media and the Village would like to confirm the following:

Historically, the Village has had a service contract with the County for animal control. In 2015, that contract was amended to only provide for holding animals caught and brought to them by the Village officers.

The two animals in question are each 10 months old.The Village police officer on duty at that time issued ordinance violation citations to the animal owner.  County Animal Control is independently reviewing its options.The Village and the County have been coordinating follow-up. Because of the ongoing review of the matter, the Village cannot provide any other comment.

The Village President has instructed the Village Attorney to provide an updated draft of an animal control ordinance for review and consideration at a future Board meeting with the goal of updating it.

Click Here for PDF version.