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Water at the intersection of Austin and Cory Street:

We have been investigating the leak at the corner of Austin and Cory Streets, we are unsure if this was the result of the construction of the new water main, but Friday November 2nd we are going to have Illinois Rural Water Association try and pinpoint a leak and repair it if there is a leak.  If there isn’t a leak, we are looking into installing a new storm sewer line to alleviate the standing water at this intersection. We realize this is an inconvenience but please be patient.


Village of Tolono Public Works


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  1. Brian Booher

    From the Village Maintenance Department.
    “During the construction process of the new water main, a storm line that we were unaware of was hit. While excavating we uncovered the existing water main which had a crack in it. This existing water main was repaired along with the storm line to resolve this problem.”

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